EXALEAD OnePart Search-Based Application

EXALEAD OnePart: Reveal, Reduce, ReuseWhen searching for parts and the information relating to them becomes a time-consuming and difficult process, often design engineers would rather recreate the part than spend a lot of wasted time digging it up from the archives.

That impacts your bottom line in a way that compounds over time - the more data you have, the harder it is to quickly sort through, the more likely it is that you're doing redundant work or wasting time.

Revolutionary Search-Based Application Technology

The impending paradigm shift that SBAs (Search-Based Applications) bring to product development technology leaders is this: rather than angst over how to migrate thousands of files of legacy data into a single data structure, you can leave it where it is. Instead, overlay your CAD folders, PDM vaults, and PLM systems with an SBA dedicated to finding your part information. It is faster to implement, significantly less expensive to set up, and will yield exponential productivity gains vs. the former method.

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With the annual carrying cost of between $4,500 and $23,000 per item for the introduction of a new part number, duplicate part proliferation is an area of known cost exposure.

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